Henry Chang

Chinatown Beat


Chinese-American NYPD Detective Jack Yu has transferred back to his old neighborhood, Chinatown, to be closer to his ailing Pa. He encounters boyhood friends who have become hardened gangsters, and is haunted by the murder of a former teenage blood brother. After his fatherís untimely death, Jack investigates the murder of Chinatown tong boss Uncle Four, an investigation that drives Jack into the depths of the Chinatown underbelly.


The rain came down in thick sheets, rattled the stairwell windows as Jack climbed with leaden legs the five flights of tenement squalor.

Pa had lived here, all his forty-nine years of Chinatown life. A dead dog, the Chinese numbers meant, forty-nine. say gow.

Time and again Jack had asked Pa to move. Uptown. Cross-town. Queens maybe. A decent apartment they could rent somewhere, where the winter freeze didnít sneak in through the windows, where the wet dank misery of changing seasons didnít settle on the bedcovers. Where vermin didnít feast on the kitchen table, in the toilet, under the pillow.

Pa wouldnít hear of it, angry each time Jack brought it up. Where would he get his Chinese vegetables? His Chinese newspapers? Where would he find his cronies to gossip with, to keep track of who died, who lost at the track? All the important things. Didnít matter, Jack would say. There were three Chinatowns now. Sunset Park. Or Flushing.

Flushing, too far, would be País answer. And Brooklyn, too many hak yun ...

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Dailo LUCKY goes on a rampage to regain Chinatown!
In the NYPD Detective Jack Yu Series
"Chang's fifth novel is a turbo-charged requiem for a blood brotherhood rooted in a distant past." Kirkus Reviews "Detective Jack Yu returns in a pulse-pounding fifth investigation in New York's Chinatown...!" PenguinRandom House, Barnes&Nobles "Destiny could find no better assistant...than Jack Yu." The Wall Street Journal "If you don't know the Chinatown of Henry Chang's Jack Yu, I think you'll want to." SJ Rozan, author of Lydia Chin series.
Death Money
"Exciting and absorbing" The Wall Street Journal "Fast-paced, edgy, and flavorful!" Kirkus Reviews "The depiction of Chinatown sets this apart from other gritty police procedurals" Publishers Weekly
Mystery/Crime Fiction
"For readers who relish noir suspense, it doesnít get any better than this stunning novel."
--The Boston Globe review
"A worthy series. Detective Jack Yu is a fellow whose adventures should be worth following, and now takes us even further beneath the surface... "
"An Asian-flavored The Wire...a richly atmospheric panorama of New York's immigrant demimonde..." from Entertainment Weekly. DEATH MONEY , the fourth NYPD detective Jack Yu mystery, is dropping on March 15, 2014. https://medium.com/p/eea37d7a5382 Hope y'all dig it...from da soul.