Henry Chang

Death Money available March 15, 2014

Death Money


The river freeze seeped into Jack's jacket as they angled for the stern of the waiting boat.
"We got a male body," Sgt. Cohen offered, working the oars, "Maybe Asian." The word brought a cold pang of realization to Jack, knowing for certain now why he'd gotten the call.
"Snagged on a sunken tree," the sergeant continued, "After the Harbor Unit arrived, the branches shifted in the water, and the body got lifted a little." Jack nodded but was silent, taking a few shaolin breaths through his nose as they maneuvered around the bigger boats stern. He padded for the disposable plastic camera he had in his jacket pocket. There was nothing else floating, nothing remarkable in the water surrounding the scene.
As they came around, Jack saw that the dragging and twisting of the submerged tree trunk had raised the body almost even with the surface of the water, caught on dead branches against large jagged chunks of river ice.
Closer now, Jack saw that the body wore a black bubble jacket with a black hoodie sweatshirt underneath. Blue jeans. The puffy bubble jacket was saturated and resembled a life jacket. The distant traffic sounds faded to where Jack could hear his own heartbeat, lifting the body out of the water. Male. Asian....

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Dailo LUCKY goes on a rampage to regain Chinatown!
In the NYPD Detective Jack Yu Series
"Chang's fifth novel is a turbo-charged requiem for a blood brotherhood rooted in a distant past." Kirkus Reviews "Detective Jack Yu returns in a pulse-pounding fifth investigation in New York's Chinatown...!" PenguinRandom House, Barnes&Nobles "Destiny could find no better assistant...than Jack Yu." The Wall Street Journal "If you don't know the Chinatown of Henry Chang's Jack Yu, I think you'll want to." SJ Rozan, author of Lydia Chin series.
Death Money
"Exciting and absorbing" The Wall Street Journal "Fast-paced, edgy, and flavorful!" Kirkus Reviews "The depiction of Chinatown sets this apart from other gritty police procedurals" Publishers Weekly
Mystery/Crime Fiction
"For readers who relish noir suspense, it doesn’t get any better than this stunning novel."
--The Boston Globe review
"A worthy series. Detective Jack Yu is a fellow whose adventures should be worth following, and now takes us even further beneath the surface... "
"An Asian-flavored The Wire...a richly atmospheric panorama of New York's immigrant demimonde..." from Entertainment Weekly. DEATH MONEY , the fourth NYPD detective Jack Yu mystery, is dropping on March 15, 2014. https://medium.com/p/eea37d7a5382 Hope y'all dig it...from da soul.