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Henry Chang is a New Yorker, a native son of Chinatown and the Lower East Side. His poems have appeared in the seminal Yellow Pearl anthology, and in Gangs In New York’s Chinatown. He has written for Bridge Magazine, and his fiction has appeared in On A Bed Of Rice and in the NuyorAsian Anthology. His debut novel Chinatown Beat garnered high praise from the New York Times Book Review, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, among others.

Henry Chang is a graduate of CCNY (City College of New York). He has been a lighting consultant, and a Security Director for major hotels, commercial properties, and retail businesses in Manhattan.

He resides in the Chinatown area, and his ‘Chinatown Trilogy' of CHINATOWN BEAT (2006), YEAR OF THE DOG (2008), RED JADE (2010) and DEATH MONEY (2014) are currently being developed for television and movies.
'LUCKY', the fifth book in the series, drops on March 14, 2017 !


Henry Chang

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