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CHINATOWN dailo Tat 'Lucky' Louie returns with a vengeance, gunning for the Chinatown underworld.

"What about his crew?"
"They don't care who's boss as long as they get paid."
"All about the money."
"What else?"
"The Hakka powder."
"Chasing the dragon. Smokable Number 3."
"Two kilos."
"Nothing in the crashpad."
HE kept still whenever he heard anyone in the room. Voices from the TV told him March had become April. April Fool's Day. He was able to open his eyes again, and could make out shapes, movement in the darkness. Soon after, during the night shift, he was able to lift his legs and bend his arms. Humming quietly to himself at first, he found his voice again.
Did they think they were going to get rid of him that easily?
"Payback," he whispered, "is gonna be a motherfu*ker."